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How It Works

A few days or weeks prior to an auction, ThoroStride records prospects at the farm or on the sales grounds. The resulting video will be edited down to a roughly 40-second clip, and a voiceover will provide the horse's age, sex and pedigree, with important pedigree details noted. The videos will then be uploaded to our website,, and can then be accessed by buyers on the internet free of charge. The video will also be available to consignors and other sellers of horses to post on their own websites, and will be available for sales companies to post on their sites, too. ThoroStride uses only high-definition digital cameras to ensure the best picture quality possible.

Price List 1 Horse
Virtual Inspection videos: $200
Stallion videos: $500
Monthly videos:

call for discount pricing


For all booking, email; or call Lucas Marquardt at 917.826.9603.

Sales Covered by ThoroStride


  • January Sale of All Ages
  • April Two-Year-Olds
  • September Yearling
  • November Breeding Stock


  • Florida Two-Year-Olds
  • Midlantic Two-Year-Olds
  • July Selected Yearlings
  • Saratoga Selected Yearlings
  • NY-bred Preferred Yearlings
  • Eastern Fall Yearlings
  • Kentucky Fall Yearlings
  • Midlantic December Mixed


  • March Two-Year-Olds
  • Spring Two-Year-Olds
  • June Two-Year-Olds
  • August Yearlings
  • Fall Mixed Sale


  • March Two-Year-Olds
  • May Two-Year-Olds

*Quantity minimums apply