Welcome to ThoroStride

ThoroStride is a North American-based company that helps market your Thoroughbred. Among other services, ThoroStride films "virtual inspection" videos that can be accessed, free of charge, by buyers.

Why ThoroStride?

Prior to an auction, some of which can include as many as 5,000 horses, trainers and bloodstock agents view as many horses as they can. But with only a few days to make their way through the hundreds of horses that may sell on a given day, those horseman sometimes have to pick and choose which horses they look at based on a catalogue page. Maybe they skip some horses because they feel the pedigree is too light. Or perhaps they feel the pedigree will command too high a price. Either way, any buyer who doesn’t look at your horse is a buyer who won’t bid on him or her. The more bidders, the better chance you have of selling your horse for the best price possible.

One More Bid

Of course, at ThoroStride, we are aiming to get you more than one more bid for your horse. But if just a single buyer bids just one more time, than the service has paid for itself and then some. At the lower price levels, that additional bid could help cover a vet bill or a commission. At higher levels, it could be the salary of a farm worker for the year.